As a retired, senior citizen, I have much time on my hands these days. šŸ™‚

Then, the other day, a friend’s daughter suggested me to write a blog. Now I’m your pretty average Joe kinda guy who retired as a flood – water damage restoration professional.

Not knowing what else to blog about, I thought of sharing such tips, ideas, information and knowledge about water damage restoration and related issues that I had acquired during decades of my active career, so that is what this blog is about.

First I thought of posting my own tips etc. but then realized that a huge amount of useful information about water damage restoration already exists on the web. So, I’ve changed my plan and what I’m going to do now is to share good links of this sort, with my brief reviews on each link I post.

I hope what I post and share here will be useful to at least some people, if not many.

I also invite all to share any helpful water damage restoration links, tips and similar information here – please do feel free to post such information using the comment form. Any questions you may have are also welcomed; I’ll try to answer to the best of my abilities and knowledge.


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