Preventing Frozen Pipes in Winter – Infographic

This useful infographic by Punctual Plumber, Houston shows you how to prevent frozen pipes in winter – one of the most common and frequent causes of water flooding and resultant damage.

Preventing Frozen Pipes In Winter
Preventing Frozen Pipes In Winter – Infographic

Water Damage and Your Home

This nice infographic called ‘Water Damage and Your Home’ published by Emergency Restoration Orlando provides interesting statistical information related to water/flood damage, illustrates 6 potential causes of water damage and also lists 6 actions to take if you find your home to be having water damage.

Home Water Damage Infographic
Water Damage and Your Home

Slab Leaks Infographic

This Slab Leaks infographic by Leak Busters Restoration shows you how to identify and diagnose slab leaks and also guides you on the steps to take when dealing with such issues.

Slab Leaks Infographic
How to identify and deal with slab leaks

The Cost of Flooding and How to Avoid it – Infographic

This useful infographic by MyAlarmCenter explains all about types of flooding (natural and man-made), potential and average costs of water damage repairs, about frozen pipes, ways to prepare for flooding (of both types) and illustrates a flood alert and avert system:

Flooding Cost and How to Avoid it Infographic
Flooding Cost and How to Avoid it Infographic